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Automatic separation units for multiple printed panels


Automatic separation units for multiple printed panels

Version independent:

  • In-line or stand-alone operation
  • Low stress process
  • Interchangeable gripper systems
  • Dust evacuation with ionization
  • Bar code scanner
  • Remote maintenance
  • Traceability


High volume automatic separation units:

  • for separating multiple printed circuit boards
  • Laid out for high production volume
  • Sawing and/or milling module
  • Use of two or more tools simultaneously
  • Short setup times
  • Board pick-up by: Suction cup, mechanical gripper, spreading pins
  • Tool breakage check, milling tool management
  • Ionization to prevent static charging


High flex automatic separation units

For separating multiple printed circuit boards using an end mill.

  • End mill circuit board separator
  • Flexible concept for middle area as well as discharge area:
    ›› Tray loading with tray handling
    ›› Product carrier charging with product carrier circulation
    ›› Testing / intermediate station
  • 7-axis handling device for separate circuit board handling as well as discharge handling.
  • Position correction / cut correction via fiducial recognition
  • Arbitrary 2D contours, separable
  • Low interchangeable parts costs
  • Fully automatic setup change
  • Gripper station
  • High autonomous time
  • Simple board and tool setup
  • Standard ESD version

Automatic separation unit

Automatic separation unit